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Adoption Connection

At the second Burien-Normandy Park Social Group potluck there was a special connection that took place at one of the neighborhood tables. I do not remember all the details (I am sure others will remember the specifics) but a family that adopted a child end up getting connected with a family that was wanting to help out or interested in adopting a child. Or it could have been foster parents. Wish I remembered the details, but the reason I share this is because it was an obvious special connection. For me, it made the potluck worth it just for seeing what I call a divine appointment.

One Response to “Adoption Connection

  • How funny, that was me and my husband!
    We are new to Burien and heard about the potluck because we saw the conversation thread on Nextdoor.com. We decided to go so that we could start meeting our neighbors a bit more than we had managed so far. It worked out well on that score, although we are introverts so we haven’t followed up on those new friendships very well. I guess that’s why we’re looking forward to the next events. Maybe we’ll see the same folks, maybe we’ll meet some new.
    Anyway, we are filling out paperwork and setting up our house to start taking in foster kids, and we met a lovely lady named Darlene at our table at the potluck. As it turns out, she makes quilts for donation to foster households, and offered to make one for us when she was done with current projects. What a treat!

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