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Game Night 4/21/17

Game night is about to start. I had a very long day today but excited to get a break to just have fun. Don’t get too many times to do this. Hope to get connected with some neighbors in the area. Plan on having fun, learning about games I have never played before. My wife Carmi is going to be able to come after work-yeah!!!

I hear that there will be around 20 people. That’s great for the first time of Burien-Normandy Park Social Group putting on something like this.

If you miss this one the next one will be Friday, June 9.

2 Responses to “Game Night 4/21/17

  • Shirleys Humas
    In food processer, chop fine
    1/2 onion
    1/2 can artchoke hearts
    2 soup spoon of peperoncini

    Add to fd processer
    1 can white beans
    1can kidney beans
    1/2 to all pkg dry onion soup mix
    Add spices, cumin, garlic pwr, curry, papricka… maybe half teasp. I dont measure. 2Tlb olive oil, worchester. This is all based on taste 🙂

    Then add one pkg shred parm cheese, mix
    Bake uncovered, 450 for 10-15 min. Just need to get hot and melt cheese.

    Hope this is where you meant to post it.
    Joe and I enjoyed meeting all of you!

  • Alyson L
    10 months ago

    My husband and I went, and although we arrived exhausted, we left pretty happy. The rooms where we played were not echoey, which was a relief because my hearing is bad and the fun was raucous! I will be going again. It wasn’t a quiet chat get to know you kind of thing, but pretty good for having fun and finding others who enjoy the same kind of fun.

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