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Shirleys Hummus

Shirleys Humas
In food processer, chop fine
1/2 onion
1/2 can artchoke hearts
2 soup spoon of peperoncini

Add to food processor
1 can white beans
1can kidney beans
1/2 to all pkg dry onion soup mix
Add spices, cumin, garlic pwr, curry, papricka… maybe half teasp. I dont measure. 2Tlb olive oil, worchester. This is all based on taste 🙂

Then add one pkg shred parm cheese, mix
Bake uncovered, 450 for 10-15 min. Just need to get hot and melt cheese.

(This is a recipe of Shirley.  Shirley and her husband Joe participated in Game Night. This hummus snack was absolutely delicious!!!)

P.S. Their game table was having tons of fun. Hearing the laughter, loud noise of excitement made my heart glad.

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