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About Us

The Burien-Normandy Park Social Group ultimately came  from a simple question that a Nextdoor Neighborhood Forum user had asked on the Nextdoor Neighborhood Forum:
“Not sure if anyone has tried to do this but here is an idea. What if we as Nextdoor forum users were to get together to meet each other personally in a low key environment? Just meet to have a meal together. Something like a ‘bring your own dish’ lunch.”

Little did the user know that there would end up being over 177 replies to that post and other posts started. Little did he know that many in the community would offer to help get a couple of potlucks going. He had the question, but residents of the Burien-Normandy Park area have taken a question and made it into local residents working together to build community and positive relationships.

What is Burien-Normandy Park Social Group?
It is best to first say what the group is not.

  • It is not affiliated with any religious, political or any other organization.
  • It does not have any political agenda or religious persuasion, in fact we actually prefer those often divisive components to be left out, so as to promote a positive and harmonious environment for all to get acquainted.
  • It is not limited to Nextdoor Neighborhood Forum users.

What is Burien-Normandy Park Social Group?

  • It is a group of Burien-Normandy Park residents of all beliefs and backgrounds that desire to bring a positive atmosphere into their local community.
  • It is residents who desire to get to know each other in a better way.
  • The group uses Community Potlucks, Game Nights, and other events as a way for people to connect.
  • The goal in the future is to get people of like interests to partner together, and start “break out interest groups” such as gardening, music, or even various issues they might want to take on in our community, finding solutions instead of breeding division.

Join Us!!
If you live in Burien or Normandy Park and are interested in getting to know more of your neighbors, please come to a potluck and/or game night, and have some fun meeting and chatting with your fellow neighbors.

We look forward to meeting you.


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