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Game Night

Burien-Normandy Park Social Group Game Night
Friday, Sept 29 & Oct 20, 7pm-10pm
Seattle Open Door Church
625 SW 149th St., Burien

What it is:   a way to get together with our neighbors in the Burien and Normandy Park area, and have some fun playing games and getting to know each other in a fun, positive social setting.  Bring your favorite game (or just come play an old favorite, or learn a new one!).  Also, bring your favorite snack, your water bottle, and your charming disposition.

What it is not: we have no religious or political affiliations or agenda, and would actually prefer those often divisive components be left out, so as to promote a positive and harmonious environment for us to all get acquainted.  (Also, no alcohol or money will be involved.)

Who is invited:  everyone who lives in Burien or Normandy Park is invited.  We wish to promote neighborly rapport among ALL of our neighbors (regardless of backgrounds or beliefs), and encourage a greater sense of community where we all live. Please no children under 12 because we do not have childcare.

How to attend:
1) please rsvp on the website with how many of you are attending, and if you will be bringing a game (optional).
2) invite your friends and neighbors that live in Burien and Normandy Park to come too!

Join us!!
If you live in Burien or Normandy Park
and are interested in getting to know more of your neighbors,
please come to one or both of the potlucks,
and have some fun meeting and chatting with your fellow neighbors.
We look forward to meeting you!!

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