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How Can I Help?

Opportunities to Volunteer

We’re a small group of coordinators putting together events for the larger group., but none of us can attend every event. We might need help setting up and taking down? We also have a variety of other ways you can be of help to the group.


  • Set-up:
    4 people to help set up the room (tables, chairs)
    Put tablecloths on tables
    Need to arrive by  10:45am
  • Food service:
    2 people to help set up the buffet table
    Arrange the food as people arrive for the potluck
    Help with serving, as needed during the buffet line
    Need to arrive by 11:00am
  • Beverage area:
    1 person to set up beverage area (coffee, tea, sugar, Equal, stir sticks, cups)
  • Clean up:
    4 people to help put tables and chairs away after the potluck

Game Nights:

  • Set-up:
    3 people to help arrange table and chairs in various rooms
    1 person to set up snack table
  • Clean up:
    3 or 4 people to help put tables and chairs back
    Do general cleanup of rooms used

Signs for all events

  • We need someone to make signs for the potlucks directing people to the correct room
  • We need someone to make signs for game night, showing which games are in which rooms (that will need to be done the night of the event)

Blog Administrator/Moderators

  • We need someone who can manage our blog and website. It does not require someone with sophisticated skills. The site is built with WordPress and is overall easy to manage.
  • We need at least one moderator for the blog to approve posts and comments made by visitors.

If you would like to be a volunteer for the Burien-Normandy Park Social Group, fill out this form and someone will get back to you. Thank you in advance for your help.